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Step 1: enable account budgets in your file

  1. From the main menu of Sage 50 Accounting, click Setup, Settings, General (Accounts), Budget.
  2. Check the Budget revenue and expense accounts option.
  3. Select the desired Budget period frequency.
  4. Click OK.

Step 2: need to make sure the account(s) you want to import the budget for are set for it

  1. From the main menu of Sage 50 Accounting click the Accounts icon (in the
    General module).
  2. Double-click on the first account you are going to use, and go to the Budget tab.
  3. Select the Budget this account option.
  4. Click Save and Close.
  5. Go to the next account if needed.

Step 3: create and/or modify the csv file with the budget information. You can use Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program for this part

  1. Open up MS Excel (or your other spreadsheet program).
  2. Open the csv file you want to modify (File, Open), or create a new spreadsheet
    (File, New ).
  3. The first line of the CSV file has to contain a Version Number, Country Code, and “Account Budgets”:
    • Version Number:
      • Simply Accounting version 2009 Version Number = 16001
      • Simply Accounting version 2010 Version Number = 17001
      • Simply Accounting version 2011 Version Number = 18001
      • Simply Accounting version 2012 Version Number = 19001
      • Sage 50 Accounting version 2013 Version Number = 20101
      • Sage 50 Accounting version 2014 Version Number = 21001
      • Sage 50 Accounting version 2015 Version Number = 22001
      • Sage 50 Accounting version 2016 Version Number = 23001
    • Country Code (where your Sage 50 Accounting is registered in):
      • Canada Country Code = 1
      • USA Country Code = 2
      • French Country Code = 3
      • Australia Country Code = 5
      • International Country Code = 7
  4. The second line of the CSV file should contain the word “Account, the word “Name”, and the name of each budgeting period in separate columns. The number of periods should match the Budget period frequency selected in Sage 50 Accounting.
  5. For each account (or account/department) you should have one line:
    • The account number in column A.
    • The account name in column B (formatted as text).
    • One column for each budgeted period afterwards. Don’t leave spaces but put zeros.
    • If you have department feature enabled, you can follow the format below to get budget
      amounts imported to each department too:

Step 4: import the budgets into Sage 50 Accounting

    1. From the main menu of Sage 50 Accounting click File, Import/export, Import Records.
    2. Select Updated account budgets, and click Next.
    3. Follow the wizard, and select the csv file you modified/created earlier

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