Issue Resolution:

Solution I: Verify Compatibility mode is not being used

  1. Right-click the Sage 50 icon and select Properties
  2. Click the Compatibility tab
  3. Un-check the Run this program in compatibility mode for field
  4. Click Apply, OK
  5. Verify you can open Sage 50 without error

Solution II: Disconnected Network Drive

  1. Open My Computer or Computer
  2. Try to open the drive referenced in the error message
    • If the drive is not present, re-map it using the same drive letter. See Article ID 10213: “How to map a network drive” in the Related Resources section.
    • If it asks for username and password enter the appropriate username and password and check the box Remember My Credentials and click OK (To turn off this feature click the link located in Addition Information)
    • If the drive opens but is empty, reboot the PC
    • If you receive an error, consult your I.T. professional to resolve the network error
  3. If the drive is present and opens without error, continue to the next Solution

Solution III: Incorrect data path in Configuration File

  1. Select Start and then All Programs
  2. If you are using Peachtree Accounting 2011 or 2012 please download the Sage Advisor Diagnostic Tool at the link provided in Additional Information and skip steps 3 and 4.
  3. Select Sage 50 Accounting 20XX and then Sage 50 Resources and Help
  4. Click Technical Support Utilities and then select Sage Advisor Diagnostic Tool
  5. Click Agree on the License Agreement
  6. Click the box in the Run column beside Company Location Check and the Product INI files Check
  7. Click Run Selected Tests
  8. The test results will then display in the Result Log box. This will show what data path it is pointing to as well as the path of any recently opened companies
  9. Make note of the path for any recently opened companies
  10. Close the Sage Advisor Diagnostic Tool
  11. Browse to the ini file. See Article ID 10352: “Where is the ini file located” in the Related Resources
  12. Double-click on the ini file to open it
  13. Change the directory in the DATAPATH= line to reflect the correct path
  14. Click File and select Save
  15. Close the .INI file
  16. Open Sage 50 to test

Solution IV: Verify security settings on the server or host machine

See Article 10211: “Verify my data file permissions are correctly set” in the Related Resources section

Solution V: Verify installed version on both server and workstation

To check the version of the program, select Help, About Sage 50 Accounting. Check the version of the program on both the server and the workstation. If the versions do not match, update the computer that has the older version installed.

Solution VI: Domain Name Service (DNS) resolution problems

  • If the program will open immediately after installing or mapping the network drive, but not after either the workstation or server is rebooted, it is likely that you have a problem with the DNS in your network
  • As a temporary solution you can add a hosts file entry. See Section II, Method III in Article ID 10985: ” in the Related Resources Section
  • For a permanent solution please contact your Network Administrator to resolve DNS issues.

Solution VII: Data Path Files or Folder Moved or Deleted

Note: These steps only apply if the error occurs at the server or on a standalone installation

  1. Note the path given in the error message
  2. Close Sage 50
  3. Open Computer
  4. Browse to the path given in the error message
  5. If any portion of the path can’t be found, or if the final folder (the data path) is empty, reinstall the programNote: Follow Article ID 10208 How do I uninstall with the download file without harming my data, and Article ID 10262 Installation Instructions, in Related Resources for uninstalling and reinstalling Sage 50 Accounting
  6. Place the Sage 50 data into the Sage 50 data path:
    • See Article 10199, “How to locate company directories”
    • See Article 10839, “How do I move my company data folder?”
    • If the company directory or directories can’t be found, restore a backup of each company; see Article 10097, “How to restore a backup”
  7. Open Sage 50 and verify the error no longer occurs


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