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Sage Quantum Downgrade

Is a downgrade from Sage 50 Quantum to Sage 50 Pro or Premium possible?

Yes, a downgrade from Sage 50 Quantum to a lower version is possible without the loss of data or manually entering data into the lower version. The conversion works with both US and Canadian version of Sage 50. It used to be […]

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Estimated Sales Tax not updated

Waiting for fix in a future release of Sage Mobile Sales

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Error: “Can’t move focus to the control because the focus is invisible not enabled or the type that accepts the focus.”

Click OK on the Focus message. The first message should now be displayed.
Resolve the problem as indicated by the first message. See Article ID 13437: “Error: ‘Direct deposit checks must be transmitted 2 or more days prior to the check date'”, in the Related Resources section.

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Vacation accrues incorrectly for one employee

NOTE: An employee who gets paid biweekly will not accrue hours the same as an employee who gets paid semi-monthly

Select Maintain, Employees and Sales Reps and select the employee in question
Select the Pay Info tab and verify the Pay Frequency is correct and click Save


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What Sage One data will be downloaded into my Sage 50 Canadian Edition company when using the Connect to Sage One functionality?

With Sage 50 CA 2015.1, the following data is downloaded from Sage One into Sage 50:

Customer Records
Service Items
Inventory Items
Customer Invoices
Invoice Payments

With Sage 50 CA 2015.2, the following data is in addition to the 2015.1 functionality is available for download from Sage One into Sage 50:

Vendor Bills
Bill Payments
Other Income
Other Expense
General Journal Entries
All other transaction types (come into Sage […]

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How can I confirm that the latest version is installed?

Fiscal Year-End Process
The process for advancing your fiscal year changed in version 19. You no longer need to close your books before entering data for the new year. Read What do I need to know about the fiscal year-end process (version 19.x and later)? (Article ID 25109) to learn more about the process.
2014 year-end software […]

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Sage 50 to Quickbooks Migrate

To migrate Sage 50 data files (formerly called Peachtree) to Quickbooks, you will need to use a data conversion service. A sage 50 backup (PTB file) can be converted to Quickbooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, or Quickbooks Online with no transaction loss. After the conversion, all data will be available in Quickbooks. It’s almost like you […]

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How to run Sage 50 Data Verification?


Data Verification is a Sage 50—U.S. Edition utility that allows you to verify if any of your data files are missing or possibly damaged. During the verification process, Sage 50 makes any needed changes so that your data records are compatible with the program data formats. For example, if an ID in a data record […]

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Could not start Sage 50


Section I: Start PervasiveNote: If using Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition on a network, perform these steps first at the server, then at each workstation

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Select Start Task Manager
Select the Processes tab
Check Show processes from all users (Windows Vista/7) or click Show more detail (Windows 8)
If listed, right-click w3dbsmgr.exe (Windows Vista/7) or […]

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